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Use the cross-hair to drop a pin or drag to create a new rectangle. You can zoom in, expand to full screen, change the terrain type, or in some cases switch to street-view so that it's easy for you to determine the coordinates. You Are Here: home midwestern state university this photograph. Description Photograph of Wichita Falls.

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Who People and organizations associated with either the creation of this photograph or its content. Photographer Cochran, Jimmy W.

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Officer Robert Edward Fellows, Wichita Falls Police Department, Texas

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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis "Views of the Past - Downtown Wichita Falls, Texas - Volume 2" has almost photos of the downtown Wichita Falls area, that are new and were not included in volume one. Buy New View Book. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. He ended up bleeding to death before anyone else came down to the basement. In some versions of the story, he is said to have dragged himself towards the elevator leaving a long trail of blood behind him.

Students have claimed to see apparitions of this instructor around the building at times and there have also been reports of unexplained dark stains appearing on the floor of the basement. At the top of the list of most haunted hospitals and asylums in Texas! If you are a fan of the paranormal, then you already know that there are few things that are scarier than a creepy old abandoned asylum! It has long been rumored that some very strange experiments conducted inside the asylum which could be the reason why it has become one of the most haunted places in Texas.

Views of the Past - Downtown Wichita Falls, Texas

People who have visited the property say that they have heard screaming children, seen lights go on and off and even seen some ghosts sitting playing cards! Apparently, the building has been purchased by a private individual who now lives there — what a brave soul! Yorktown Memorial Hospital is one old building with a very colorful history. The hospital was built in the forties and remained open until , but even before it closed its doors the staff, patients and visitors were reporting paranormal activity in the building, so imagine what it must be like now that it is abandoned!

One of the most well-known ghosts in residence is a man named TJ who died of a heroin overdose. He was dumped on the front step by his friends, but as they failed to ring the bell nobody discovered him until the next morning by which time he was already dead. He is said to haunt the hospital but seems to be in good spirits as he tends to joke around with any of the ladies who enter the old hospital. He is particularly fond of pinching them on the butt!

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It has also been claimed that if anyone with tattoos or body piercings enters the chapel then the spirits of the nuns who built and operated the hospital will choke or hit them for defiling their bodies. More Ghost Hunts in Texas. Log in Remember me.